Cake for Cancer!

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone isn’t it? CANCER, the mere possibility or thinking about it gives me goosebumps. My aunt suffered with cancer and I know how traumatizing the chemo and radiation sessions are. It is difficult to see the one you love go through all the agony. Cancer can be life-altering of-course but should never be life defining. My family was very supportive and is financially sound and we are still trying to help her fight her brave battle with CANCER. I have been to TATA Memorial Hospital, the best hospital for cancer treatment, the aura around makes me weak in the knees. From small babies to grey-haired species everyone is battling CANCER. God-forbid imagine something like this happening to someone you know? Have you ever thought about the tons of kids who are detected with cancer but can do nothing about it? Especially the underprivileged ones staying in the rural areas? Their parents sacrifice everything and they sell their house, farms in the rural area where they reside so that they can collect money to treat their children. How disheartening is this! You sell everything in the hope that you can save your child but the money isn’t sufficient. Once they know their child is detected with cancer they re-locate to Mumbai or any urban city for treatment. Poor or rich, everyone requires food, clothing and shelter. What do they have? No food No shelter. There are various “shacks” or “jhopdis” that are built outside TATA hospital by people whose kids are treated in the hospital and they cannot afford the stay in Mumbai. Of course, hardly anybody can. Even the policemen co-operate and do not bombard their shacks.


These are few of the under-priviledged children going through the same agonies and are nurtured by Cuddles Foundation. How many days can you survive in a shady place without food? 0. And for people like us not even ½. Those small innocent kids have to survive days without food. Lack of nutrition makes the medicine injected in their body ineffective. Also, this ruins their health even more. The hospital shows that the drop out rate is 20-30%. Due to no money for food particularly the parents abandon the treatment. Can’t we support the fighters? We easily forget how precious it is to be alive. We are so busy in our lives that we forget we are HUMAN. Today let’s give food to a kid who really need it. What will it give you? The peace and satisfaction of bringing  smile to their face and food to their stomachs.


The Bake Collective has organized a fundraiser campaign for Cuddles foundation and the event is supported by Muskurahat Foundation. The initiative is called THE BAKE SALE for raising funds for the nutrition of under-privileged children fighting against Cancer. Let me tell you how this will work:

  • Funds will be raised by sale of cakes and puddings.
  • This fund will be utilized to provide a month’s ration for 40 under-privileged families whose kids are battling CANCER.
  • The Bake Sale aims to raise Rs. 66000
  • Due to financial constraints of families of children battling cancer who relocate to Mumbai for treatments are unable to provide meals for themselves due to which a child is unable to maintain daily calorie intake. Hence, the chance of abandoning the treatment increases.

We easily shell out on things our better halves demand from us don’t we? “Arey dost ka birthday hai gift dena hai!” Lets gift a needy some food? Is that a lot to ask for? Lets vanish our dessert craving in The Bake Sale on 2nd April 2016, Saturday. The venue is Outside Al’s Tattoo Salon, Opposite St. Peter’s Church, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

You can also support the cause on:

Tag along every cake-lover, after all its for a good cause because one sale can save many! We can only bake, We need you. See you there people..where we unite to spread smiles 🙂




–  Hetal Dama, Content Writer,        Muskurahat Foundation.



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