The Bake Sale!!!

Red-velvet cheesecake, dutch truffle pastries, caramel puddings… already drooling over the names? Haha. Everybody loves food, who doesn’t? Ever tried to go a day without food non-willingly? Yes? If so, you can relate how cranky you must be that day. How weak did you feel? Now imagine a small kiddo suffering with something as traumatizing as cancer and has no food to add to it. The thought itself makes me cringe.

We take our better halves and family on dates and lavish dinners, while do you know 3000 kids die daily in India due to no food. How many of us do something out of the way to help somebody that wouldn’t benefit us? We see so many motivational or sad posts, videos on social media. We like it. Share it. Forget it. But then, we do have the urge to change things in the society right. How about today Muskurahat Foundation gives you an opportunity that would help you in being the reason for someone’s smile?

The Bake Collective has organized a fundraiser campaign for Cuddles foundation and the event is supported by Muskurahat Foundation. The initiative is called THE BAKE SALE for raising funds for the nutrition of under-privileged children fighting against Cancer. Let me tell you how this will work:

  • Funds will be raised by sale of cakes and puddings.
  • This fund will be utilized to provide a month’s ration for 40 under-privileged families whose kids are battling CANCER.
  • The Bake Sale aims to raise Rs. 66000
  • Due to financial constraints of families of children battling cancer who relocate to Mumbai for treatments are unable to provide meals for themselves due to which a child is unable to maintain daily calorie intake. Hence, the chance of abandoning the treatment increases.

With a population in Billions how difficult is it to raise Rs. 66k? Who knew a piece of cake that you eat can help somebody battle Cancer? They are already going through a lot, least we can do is support them with a meal. Lets support the noble cause- The Bake Sale on 2nd April 2016, Saturday. The venue is Outside Al’s Tattoo Salon, Opposite St. Peter’s Church, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

You can also support the cause on:

Grace us with you presence for the noble cause! See you there folks! We can only bake. We need you! 🙂


–  Hetal Dama, Content Writer, Muskurahat Foundation.




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