Cracker Free Diwali

Cracker free Diwali

Each year we watch those ads and hear the campaign narrating and promoting cracker free Diwali. Each year instead of all that we hear those crackers crackling and blasting at a loud decibel and soon we join in contributing our share of extra loiud decibel to the ears and heart of animals including pets and stray dogs. And all of the ads and campaign flush out of our head within seconds because we enjoyed it.

This year too on Diwali such ads and post would we lingering your wall and blogs and some of us would surely be supporting it and some of them in that some amount will forgot what they have supported instead they would narrate how much money they have spent just on crackers. What all costly crackers they have bought for their children.

Well it’s high time and now we seriously need to be serious about those things which worry others not us. It’s high time and we should stop ourselves from harming others whether directly or indirectly. The cracker we use create noise pollution making it intolerable for pets  to sustain that high decibels. The waste left off is often sniffed by stray dogs and other animals make it dangerous to their health. The cracker may not be harmful to you but same can’t be said for others. So this Diwali think before lighting a cracker about other, think before pranking it to the tail of dogs, to the weak ears, to the light heart what it could do other than making you laugh for seconds pain for hour to other. Choose to celebrate cracker free Diwali. This year celebrate just Diwali.

-Ankit Sharma

Content Writer




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