From Gandhi to Shastri…

From Gandhi to Shastri…

Today’s day which is October 2, on this very day two of India’s most prominent personality were born. On tracing back some years we find Lal bahadur shastri India’s second prime minister was born and if we further trace back the time we may find our father of nation Gandhi, the man of millennia was born. Now you all may be wondering it to be history blog brushing your head with words flattering like that of politicians.
But it’s something different like you all have heard the sayings of these two men like Gandhi said ‘ To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest’. And we all are being dishonest to ourselves because we believe a smile is the cure to curse but we won’t smile may be because we are afraid of ourselves exhibiting at public. We try to retain the image which comforts society no matter how uncomfortable it may be. We suffocate our real self behind the fake and sophisticated smiles. So believe in MUSKURAHAT, believe in smile and live it because being dishonest to ourselves is the ugliest thing to be done to oneself.
Lal bahadur shastri said, ‘ That loyalty to the country comes ahead of all other loyalties’ but if he has to live today he would rephrase it and loyalty to ourselves stands very first because if you can’t be loyal to yourself then how you could be loyal to country. We all have worries and they will continue to haunt you but you shouldn’t be dishonest to yourself, be loyal, be Shastri, be Gandhi or simply be you and for that Smile.

-Ankit Sharma
Content Writer
Zone- Jhansi