Founder’s Post

I m from a school where we were used to going in orphanages and old aged homes..  A year past when I left my school, I was missing those days of visiting such places… I decided to celebrate my birthday in an orphanage… Actually, not an orphanage, a juvenile home… I did my best n v had a great time there… That day, I experienced the joy of giving happiness… Also, since childhood… I hv a vision in my life.. I.e. To make people around me smile in any way… So… I discussed the idea of forming a team n doing social work with my best friend, Rahul Bhadarka n he supported me… I discussed this with other friends n led to the formation of a team of friends called Muskurahat… The first one year wasn’t good for us as the time clashed with our studies… N my friends backed out one by one… But people call me Dream Chaser.. I chase my dreams.. I never let Muskurahat get off my mind n continued it individually… Then came a time, after I was declared as Mr. Hinduja n I got famous… Muskurahat became a topic to talk about for everyone… Slowly n steadily… Muskurahat grew bigger.. People joined… And now I can proudly say that I AM THE FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF MUSKURAHAT – Himanshu Goenka


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