Hero’s Smile

Smile if you wanna be a Hero.

We human are the only species who have the quality to reason the existence from dirt to our mighty earth. We can reason anything and due to this quality of reasoning, newton discovered gravity and world discovered a genius. We can even reason our success, sorrow and ‘Smile’. Do you know there are billions of people speaking millions of language, off course you know this but do you know inspite of difference in our race, culture, language and Nation we billion of people smile like you and me. We all smile and its universal. You might call a language foreign but you won’t call a smile foreign. Have you ever heard of this term ‘foreign smile’? I know you haven’t.
A culture binds a city, a language binds a state, a flags wraps the nation but a smile, it connect the world. A smile is the sign of acceptance of Love, mischievous act and many more wonderful rides. It’s also a sign of being normal to the world or they will term you devdas or mad one day. So if you are being called a nerd, DevD, Majnu or a mourn  face or anything other things you didn’t liked to be called then smile and you will see the magic as it would less your pain because it takes guts to smile at your troubles and the one who do that are Heroes, so be hero and for that you just have to ‘Smile’.

Ankit Sharma- Muskurahat (zone- Jhansi)


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