Smile Wins Hearts

Smiles win hearts
You might have heard that and we did that. We won heart of those children who have no one to call family and on the occasion of this Raksha bandhan we played to be their family to bring the temporary respite from the bitter truth of life making them unable to smile. We played to be their family and did all those crazy stuff which we do to confront smile on the faces of our family member. We played antakshari to make their lips dance on the beat of laughter. We grooved on the moves of D4Dance crew, we played passing the parcel and passed smile along with the parcel. We blindfolded their grief and presented them the moment to cherish this day if traced back the time. we played to be their sibling and they played their part well with dedication considering us to be their real sisters and brothers.
As each family need a support our Smile family was supported by Rotaract Club of DTSS College and we show our gratitude for their support. Our initiative was success as our effort was well paid with the smile they had at the end for us. Lastly i just want to say what our smile family believes in, we believe in MUSKURAHAT because its the best cure available which could turn a day bright in the storm of life decorated with hassle. Just remember it’s smile which wins heart.

Ankit Sharma- Muskurahat (zone- Jhansi)


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