Founder’s Post

I m from a school where we were used to going in orphanages and old aged homes..¬† A year past when I left my school, I was missing those days of visiting such places… I decided to celebrate my birthday in an orphanage… Actually, not an orphanage, a juvenile home… I did my best n v had a great time there… That day, I experienced the joy of giving happiness… Also, since childhood… I hv a vision in my life.. I.e. To make people around me smile in any way… So… I discussed the idea of forming a team n doing social work with my best friend, Rahul Bhadarka n he supported me… I discussed this with other friends n led to the formation of a team of friends called Muskurahat… The first one year wasn’t good for us as the time clashed with our studies… N my friends backed out one by one… But people call me Dream Chaser.. I chase my dreams.. I never let Muskurahat get off my mind n continued it individually… Then came a time, after I was declared as Mr. Hinduja n I got famous… Muskurahat became a topic to talk about for everyone… Slowly n steadily… Muskurahat grew bigger.. People joined… And now I can proudly say that I AM THE FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF MUSKURAHAT – Himanshu Goenka


Hero’s Smile

Smile if you wanna be a Hero.

We human are the only species who have the quality to reason the existence from dirt to our mighty earth. We can reason anything and due to this quality of reasoning, newton discovered gravity and world discovered a genius. We can even reason our success, sorrow and ‘Smile’. Do you know there are billions of people speaking millions of language, off course you know this but do you know inspite of difference in our race, culture, language and Nation we billion of people smile like you and me. We all smile and its universal. You might call a language foreign but you won’t call a smile foreign. Have you ever heard of this term ‘foreign smile’? I know you haven’t.
A culture binds a city, a language binds a state, a flags wraps the nation but a smile, it connect the world. A smile is the sign of acceptance of Love, mischievous act and many more wonderful rides. It’s also a sign of being normal to the world or they will term you devdas or mad one day. So if you are being called a nerd, DevD, Majnu or a mourn¬† face or anything other things you didn’t liked to be called then smile and you will see the magic as it would less your pain because it takes guts to smile at your troubles and the one who do that are Heroes, so be hero and for that you just have to ‘Smile’.

Ankit Sharma- Muskurahat (zone- Jhansi)

Smile Wins Hearts

Smiles win hearts
You might have heard that and we did that. We won heart of those children who have no one to call family and on the occasion of this Raksha bandhan we played to be their family to bring the temporary respite from the bitter truth of life making them unable to smile. We played to be their family and did all those crazy stuff which we do to confront smile on the faces of our family member. We played antakshari to make their lips dance on the beat of laughter. We grooved on the moves of D4Dance crew, we played passing the parcel and passed smile along with the parcel. We blindfolded their grief and presented them the moment to cherish this day if traced back the time. we played to be their sibling and they played their part well with dedication considering us to be their real sisters and brothers.
As each family need a support our Smile family was supported by Rotaract Club of DTSS College and we show our gratitude for their support. Our initiative was success as our effort was well paid with the smile they had at the end for us. Lastly i just want to say what our smile family believes in, we believe in MUSKURAHAT because its the best cure available which could turn a day bright in the storm of life decorated with hassle. Just remember it’s smile which wins heart.

Ankit Sharma- Muskurahat (zone- Jhansi)