Bandhan Pyar ka… A treaty of Love

Bandhan Pyar ka… A treaty of Love

Raksha Bandhan, an auspicious day when a sister seals two ends of a thread around wrist of her beloved brother who vouch to protect her. This day hits the calendar each year, marks the arrival of new vouch and revival of old but for some it don’t seem to exist. There are several hand which are bereft of this auspicious thread. There are lips with no smile and they are left from performing this rightful and amazing ritual of India. What it’s like to have a hand with no Rakhi, mouth with no sweets and lips with no smile.
This is often what we all tend to ignore but we at MUSKURAHAT don’t believe in ignorance because we don’t let those lips drop as spreading smile is our motto.
On this Raksha Bandhan, the smile army of MUSKURAHAT will visit the orphans to act as brothers to the girls with no such luck of having a brother and sisters to the boys so that we could make their lips smile and hands decorated with beautiful Rakhi.
So come, sign in the treaty of love and decorate a hand with Rakhi and life with sweetness, make them realise the warmth of this day and be the cause of a smile, be a smile soldier.


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